Virtual Reality Poker

Poker VR, developed and published by Lucky VR and published by The Stars Group, provides an immersive virtual reality poker experience available on Meta Oculus Quest 2 and Microsoft Windows devices. As an interactive social game it enables users to meet other avatars within the virtual reality environment.

Players may give high fives to opponents during gameplay – though such gestures might not go over well at a real casino.


Virtual Reality poker provides a thrilling gaming experience in the comfort of your own home with friends. It features interactive toys and props as well as advanced haptic feedback which simulates handling chips and cards – giving a sense of realism that lets you study opponents and recognize tells.

VR poker allows you to customize your avatar, interact with other players through chat, and use gestures and emotes to express how you’re feeling about each hand. Unlike traditional online poker, VR uses realistic 3D avatars that move like people, as well as a bonus wheel offering daily opportunities to win virtual money that you can spend in-game on props such as cigars and piles of cash.


VR Poker may replicate some aspects of live casino play, but is ultimately its own experiment. Players can interact with their avatars by speaking and sipping virtual beer together and gesturing through hand-held controllers – these playful interactions add another level to VR poker that make the experience worthwhile for many players.

However, these actions may violate applicable laws and regulations. As a user, it is prohibited from accessing or using the Software from locations in which it is unlawful – for instance in countries or regions where poker is restricted or banned altogether – nor use it to transmit material that violates applicable laws such as being offensive, defamatory or violates morality; nor should minors use this Service.

Betting intervals

This new form of poker brings social interaction to a whole new level. Players can throw virtual chips across the table, smoke cigars and order drinks – making this experience one that goes far beyond serious play – but just for fun.

Mason Hughes, 22, has become the inaugural PokerStars VR ambassador. While real-money online gambling remains illegal in California, Mason still spends time at free poker tables in the Metaverse. As part of his job responsibilities he assists newcomers to the VR experience while gathering player feedback to further refine it. In addition, he likes spending his free time interacting with fellow gamblers via casino forums to assist new players find their feet. One of Mason’s favorite parts of gambling is helping newcomers become comfortable as well as helping newcomers get acquainted with fellow gamblers – something he says makes his job worthwhile.


Poker VR is an immersive virtual reality card game inspired by Texas Hold’em, where players compete against one another either online tournaments or privately in private games – both experiences offer highly realistic gameplay!

Players use virtual controllers to move their avatars around and interact with props and accessories. Real time chatting, gestures and emotional expression can all help convey emotions during a hand, much like how real casinos operate. Players can even give physical tells like they would at an actual casino.

Players can select from various buy-in tables and participate in online poker tournaments with Poker VR. In addition, they can add items such as virtual cigars, beer cans and toy donkeys to their avatars – making the virtual experience of Poker VR an engaging and immersive way of enjoying this timeless card game!

Virtual reality headsets

Poker is one of the world’s most beloved card games, and with virtual reality (VR) headsets now making it possible to enjoy playing it from your home, VR poker is making that experience more immersive than ever. Online players represent themselves by an alias/avatar in 2D environments while VR poker gives an entirely immersive experience.

This online multiplayer card game features customizable 3D avatars that look and move like real people, vibrant locations with interactive props and toys to keep gameplay entertaining, real-time face and eye tracking so that you can study opponents’ tells, advanced haptic feedback for an exciting betting experience, real-time face tracking to observe opponents, face/eye tracking to watch them closely as you study their tells, as well as real-time face and eye tracking to study opponent tells. Finally, an innovative haptic feedback feature adds another level of excitement that comes from making bets by making bets and handling chips/cards directly.

Meta Rift and HTC Vive users can play this game, and its developers plan to expand it onto additional VR platforms in the near future. It could bring in many new players and help establish virtual reality gaming as an accepted pastime.

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