How to Choose the Right Slot Machine to Play

Slot players know the odds aren’t always in your favor when it comes to winning big. But you can increase your chances of success by picking the right machine for you.

Before you take a spin on the slot machine, be sure to read its pay table. This will tell you how much money can be won per spin and what the maximum jackpot is.

Payback percentage

A slot machine’s payback percentage is the amount of money returned to players over time. This number is determined by regulatory decisions, market forces and required minimums.

Casinos or game developers rarely disclose the payback percentage of a slot machine, but you can calculate it yourself. All that requires is to divide a game’s returns by its wagers and multiply that figure by 100.

However, the payback percentage you see isn’t a true indicator of how much money you’ll win over time. It’s only theoretical and based on each game’s odds and programming. Therefore, you won’t always be able to predict how well a machine will perform; there will be hot and cold streaks, plus big jackpots which send short-term returns soaring.

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are an exciting way to increase your excitement and win extra cash while playing slot games online. These mini-games within slots usually award free spins or multipliers as well as extra wild symbols. Bonus rounds offer additional opportunities for wining big on online slot games!

A common bonus round is a re-spin, in which the machine will spin the reel one more time if you landed a winning combination. In some cases, developers offer hold-and-spin bonuses where symbols stick to the reels and you have the chance to respin them.

Another type of bonus is a pick ’em game, in which you select different symbols to reveal prizes. Some offer instant payouts while others grant multipliers or free spins.

There are also second-screen bonuses, where you visit a new screen and play a minigame. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Trivia game is one such example.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are a special type of icon that can activate bonus features or award high payouts. They don’t need to be aligned on a payline in order to count, as they can appear anywhere on the reels.

Some slots use multipliers as additional prize opportunities, increasing the amount of winning combinations players can collect on each spin. They may also unlock bonus games and free spins rounds according to the game’s rules.

Scatter symbols are among the highest paying icons in online slots, as they don’t need to be aligned with any pay lines to activate a bonus feature or generate a payout. They may also activate free spins rounds and mini-games which players find highly entertaining.

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